Molly was looking for love in all the wrong places and, unfortunately, found Mr. Wrong. After a couple more Wrong turns, she booked a session with me over the telephone and asked me for some guidance in finding Mr. Right.

I concentrated on Molly’s energy and felt her essence reaching out to me. “I sense there’s a fellow at work who would make a good match for you,” I said, and sensed her enthusiasm jump a few notches. “I feel he’s a doctor, or does some work in the healthcare field.”

“Yes!” Molly said, and told me she works as a floor receptionist in a hospital. I thought I could hear her excitement crackling like a Geiger counter. “What’s his name?”

Neither my guides nor Molly’s spirit people were giving me a name, but without realizing it, I said, “He’s Italian—“

“No!” she cried. “I don’t like Italian men! They’re so pushy!”

“Give him a chance,” I said reassuringly into the phone. Although I could feel Molly’s enthusiasm deflate like an old bicycle tire, I repeated, “Give him a chance.”

Well, wouldn’t you know it: Six months later, Molly called to invite me to her wedding. She and Dr. Carlo Spinelli, an opera lover and an excellent cook, were engaged. “And you brought us together,” Molly gushed. “So you should be at our wedding.”

I raised my eyes heavenward and thanked the spirit world for getting them together. Then I thanked Molly for the invite, but told her it would be virtually impossible for me to attend their nuptials.

You see, Molly lives in Australia. In fact, she’s one of several hundred clients I have all over the world. And thanks to the telephone and Skype, I’m able to connect with each person and give them one-on-one sessions that – I hope – each client has found useful, informative and empowering.

In the last month alone, while I was moving my office from Toronto into the nether regions of the GTA, I united a client in Dubai with the spirits of his grandparents on the other side of life; urged a client in Singapore to be cautious about a business deal; and advised a woman in Vancouver to be aware that the rusting plumbing in her basement might be the cause of problems in her house.

“How do you know this?” asked the woman with the clunking pipes in her basement.

“It’s not me, it’s spirit, and my guides and yours giving me the information,” I said. “I’m more like an antenna on a radio, just receiving information from the ether and passing it on to you.”

Then I told her what I say to any potential client who asks me if I’m as accurate Skyping or giving a reading over the phone as I am in person. My mentor, Sadie, trained me for more than 20 years over the telephone. At the time, I was living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and then in Toronto, while Sadie was living in Welland. Every week – and sometimes, twice a week: I’d call her and give her readings about her family, work situation, spiritual matters – you name it. She taught me about voice vibrations and tuning into a person’s aura and spirit people to give them accurate information.

“So, I can call you anytime,” my client said, then laughed. “It’s just like ordering a pizza.”

“Well, not exactly,” I said. “My messages don’t come with mushrooms and pepperoni.”

My personal goal is to give a reading to someone in every country in the world. Though I’m far from reaching that goal at the moment, I look with pride at the colourful pins placed in my world map – readings given to folks in Scotland, China, Hong Kong, India and, of course, every province in Canada. No, I take that back – I’ve never spoken with anyone from the Yukon. Yet. And it would sure be a feat to have someone look me up on the internet and book a session, or call and say, “Would it be a problem to give me a reading? I’m on a base in the Antarctica…”

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