Just as doctors read medical journals to discover the latest therapies and treatments, and lawyers keep abreast of the latest rulings by consulting LexisNexis and legal periodicals, I too am always searching for ways to improve my readings. To paraphrase Buddhist philosopher Ram Dass: If you’re not always seeking something new, you’re just staying in the same place.

But there’s no mediumship journals to consult, and outside of research by authors like Donna Smith-Moncrieffe (Medium 7: Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions), podcasts by reputable hosts like Sandra Champlain ( and intriguing think-pieces in The Afterlife Report (,  we mediums are left to our own devices to study, learn and formulate techniques that will bring us closer to the spirit world, and provide better sessions for our clients.

So, I went to the source: I asked spirit what I could do better. Then I meditated and journaled on my request for the next several days. Out of the blue, I came up with – or spirit guided me to create – the answer. It’s a formula that sets the intention to work with spirit I call AREA, which stands for:
•    Accurate
•    Recognizable
•    Evidential
•    Accepted
My goal is to present ACCURATE information that is so RECOGNIZABLE, my client will not question it. The information would be so EVIDENTIAL, so both my client and the spirit world would ACCEPT the reading.

I imagined AREA like a baseball diamond, with each base having a letter – first base was A, second base was R, and so forth. As I would give a reading, in the back of my mind, I’d do a homerun trot and touch each of those bases. And when I reached home, the whole AREA would come together.

Now, before I begin each session, I say a simple prayer: Please give me an AREA message for my client.

Last weekend, I found out my AREA prayer wasn’t just for one-on-one readings with clients, it also empowers me before public message events. I was serving at a Spiritualist church and a few moments before my name was called to stand before the congregation, I whispered my quick prayer, then got up to speak.

The energy and insights between the spirit world and me flowed like a river. I placed seven messages in about 26 minutes, and my information was evidential and accepted, from the brother in spirit named Rick to the mother in spirit who liked her adult daughter’s necklace, and then to a different mother who stood with her hands on her hips and told her son to clean up his act.

“Yep,” he said with a laugh, “she’d always do that.”

After the service, those I’d spoken to, and a few that I didn’t, thanked me for my work. Always I give the credit back to spirit with gratitude for helping me. And that’s when I knew I was in the right AREA.
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