Are You Ready?

During my Zoom session with Phyllis, a widowed mother of two, I connected to her late husband, Alan, who Phyllis recognized from the description I provided. Alan’s spirit was quite energetic; he had been a lawyer and a tennis player who came “this close” to qualifying for some sort of circuit. (Sorry, the only thing I know about tennis is you’re supposed to hit a ball over a net.) His last message was to help Brian, their 10-year-old son, overcome his trauma.

“Trauma?” Phyllis cried, of course going to the worst possible thought.

I tried reconnecting with Alan’s spirit, but it had gone. Alan had passed three months ago, losing a hard-fought battle with cancer; even when I’d connected with his spirit, I felt his energy was not strong. I told Phyllis this earlier in the session, and assured her that with time, Alan’s energy would grow stronger.

“I don’t feel Brian is in any danger,” I told Phyllis. “Perhaps your husband was warning you of something to come?”

Phyllis was quiet for a moment. Suddenly her eyes opened wide. “One of our neighbour’s children died last week,” she said. “But Brian wasn’t close to her. And he didn’t seem especially traumatized by it.”

In the back of my mind, I felt: Bingo! I told Phyllis, “Kids often find ways to hide their emotions – especially young boys, who feel they need to be strong. Do you know what happened to your neighbour’s child?”

Phyllis’s story, which she got from talking with the child’s mother: Last week, the 6-year-old girl was in the back yard of her house playing with her cat. The family has a security camera, so they can watch their children. The girl had her cat in her lap, then stood up as if she was going to walk away. But she turned around, as if someone had called her name. She then appeared to be speaking to somebody – even though nobody was there.

Suddenly, the girl fell to the ground and lay still. “It was later determined that she had gone into cardiac arrest,” Phyllis said. “The neighbour – a nurse, like myself – quickly administered CPR, but it was too late. An autopsy couldn’t explain why the child suddenly died. She had been a happy, healthy youngster, until suddenly…”

Phyllis was quiet for a few moments. “I feel so sad that the little girl died all alone. Her mother told me her daughter’s last words before going outside were, ‘Mom, I love you.’” After another silent moment, Phyllis asked, “What do you think happened?”

I was moved by Phyllis’s story, yet without knowing the exact circumstance of the neighbour’s situation – and frankly, I was hesitant to ask my guides to delve into a private matter of someone who was not a client, I thought back to information I had received in sessions that touched on similar incidents.

“As to the girl appearing to talk with someone outside her house,” I said, “I feel she was having a conversation with an older female on the other side. A family member who had passed. The conversation felt like an ‘Are you ready?’ talk between the two, with the older spirit person helping to prepare the girl to join the spirit world.”

“’Are you ready?’” Phyllis said, mystified. “What does that mean?”

“I can only speculate,” I answered. Perhaps there was an underlying medical condition that escaped detection during the autopsy. Perhaps the girl was an old soul, and only needed to experience a short period of time on the physical plane. But it was heartening to hear that the girl did not pass all alone – a relative in spirit was there to help guide her into the next world.

“The passing has really affected your son, Brian,” I told Phyllis. “I feel he’s spending a lot more time alone in his room.” On my video monitor, Phyllis energetically nodded her head. “It’s important to be with him, and reassure him that what happened to your neighbour’s daughter won’t happen to him. Explain that death is a part of life. And, in fact, I’m hearing from your husband that Brian has quite a lot to look forward to.”

I saw Phyllis relax. We chatted for a few minutes, then our session ended. As I sat back in my chair and cleared my head to get ready for my next session, I felt a presence nearby and heard a faint voice in my inner ear: I was ready.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me. And please visit me again!

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