About Carolyn’s Work

About My Work…

What is my experience?

I have over 40 years of experience as a psychic medium, and my list of clients stretches from St. John’s to Beijing. I also teach psychic development and mediumship classes, and I lead workshops across Canada and at Lily Dale, New York.

I have written 3 books and released 3 guided meditation CD’s.

Read more about me in the books Psychics and Mediums in Canada and Medium 7: Evidence of The Afterlife and Predictions. I have been profiled in The Toronto Star, The National Post, and The Globe & Mail.  Readers of The North York Mirror voted me “Favourite Psychic” two years in a row.


I provide both mediumistic and psychic messages. One session can have either or both types of messages according to your questions.  I offer telephone or Skype sessions, whichever works best for you.

Psychic messages are focussed on your life (past, present, future). Make sure you have your questions written down. I encourage written questions for several reasons:

  • They provide permission for me to delve into your personal life,
  • They focus me to provide appropriate information, and
  • We can cover a lot more ground.  I want you to get as much in your session as possible.

For mediumistic sessions, please bring photos of those who have made their transition, because it helps me quickly connect with your loved one(s).

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I will never ask you to pay more than the fees for a reading. There may be recommendations to you but you act according to your own free will. Please see my blog for more information: Psychic Scams. http://carolynmolnar.com/blog/63-how-to-recognize-psychic-scams

Taken from Medium9:  The Transformational Powers of Spiritual Energy (p 131-132), Donna Smith-Moncrieffe

•    Always get a strong recommendation [do your homework to avoid psychic scams – see my blog Psychic Scams http://carolynmolnar.com/blog/63-how-to-recognize-psychic-scams] about the medium from credible people before seeing the selected medium for a reading;
•    Cover yourself with the white light and pray that only messages for the highest and greatest good emerge;
•    Limit your expectations and be open to who in spirit is prepared to communicate.  Remember that spirit decides who and what will be discussed during a reading;
•    Remember to get a recording or write notes so you can conduct your post analysis and obtain further verification of the content shared;
•    Take the messages into consideration but remember that you have free will and are always responsible for the choices you make;
•    Do not become dependent on a medium by seeing them frequently in hopes they will solve your problems or diminish your grief.  The medium can provide information from spirit and then you still have to do the work to make the appropriate decisions and behavioral changes.

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