When Abigail telephoned me, she was understandably terrified. Choking out words through her tears, she told me that she was going to get breast cancer. The more she gave me her story, the angrier I became. That’s because Abigail had not received her diagnosis from a physician, or even an X-ray technician. No, she was told this bad news by someone she had trusted – a psychic.

“Have you seen a doctor about this?” I asked.

“Yes. She did a thorough exam, and said I was fine.” Abigail sighed. “But I’m still scared.”

I took a moment to focus on the voice on the other end of the phone. “Abigail, I’m getting the sense that you have nothing to worry about now.”

“But breast cancer runs in my mother’s family!” she cried. “One of my aunts died from it!”

“And how many of your other aunts didn’t? What about your mother and grandmother?”

Abigail was silent for a moment. Then she replied in a calm voice, “They’re both alive. Granny just turned 85 last month.”

“Well, God bless her,” I said and we shared a laugh. Abigail no longer felt tense, and we chatted for a few more minutes before she rang off to pick up her daughter at school.

I dislike doom-and-gloom psychics for more reasons than I care to enumerate. But number one on my list is they are often poor communicators who have no idea how to phrase something in a way that will give their client a sense of hope. The psychic may have picked up breast cancer in Abigail’s energetic – her aura – because the disease does run in her family. Still, that doesn’t mean that Abigail will get it. Plus, forewarned with health tips, Abigail could change her lifestyle and greatly improve her chances for wellness. After all, a heavy smoker who kicks his habit significantly cuts the risk of getting lung disease.

Besides, that psychic gave Abigail information that Abigail should have known anyways: She may have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer, so she should be careful and have regular checkups, eat healthfully and love her body. And regular meditation to blow off stress wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

But no, Abigail’s psychic had to grab the brass ring of negativity and scare her to pieces. I hope that so-called psychic did not make that pronouncement as an ego trip to terrify her client, just to make the reader feel good. (I’m reminded of a psychic I used to know who bragged about how accurate she was at forecasting death times. Yuck!)

It’s too bad some psychics don’t realize the terrible power they have, and how easily they can sway people into believing that everything said in a session is like truth written in stone. I always tell my clients before each session that the reading is only as good as the moment it’s given, because people have free will and can change their life. Remember the heavy smoker I mentioned? That’s my husband – smoke-free for more than 11 years now.

I’m also careful to tell this to my students: Be positive with your messages. Always try to give hope. And don’t expect that taking one class in intuitive development will make you the next Nostradamus.

Last summer, I taught a psychic development workshop in Bolton. As part of the class, I split the students into pairs so they could practice giving messages to each other. As I walked among the groups, listening in to their chatting, I was drawn to a pair of women sitting by themselves in a corner. The younger of the two was talking, and her short-haired partner had a shocked look on her face. I quickly headed to them.

“Everything seems black,” said the young woman, who made small circles in the air as she talked. “I see you looking through a window, and there’s nothing but emptiness and darkness on the other side.”

“Tommie,” I gently said to the speaker, “may I add something to your message?”

Tommie looked at me and smiled. I’m sure she thought she was doing a good job. But her partner, Sura, looked like she was about to break into a million pieces: Sura had just been told that her future was empty and filled with darkness – a word I try to avoid using during readings. Thanks to Hollywood special effects movies, people hear “darkness” and think of evil.

I centred myself, then tuned into Sura’s energy. “Sura, are you thinking of moving to another address?”

“Yes,” she said. “My husband and I have just contacted a real estate agent.”

Whew!  I thought. “So you’ll probably be looking at quite a few empty houses. Some may even have had their electricity turned off,” I said. “It may take a year or two, but I think you’ll finally find what you’re looking for in a smaller town. And I’ll leave you with that.”

Sura nodded and colour came back to her face. She seemed more relaxed than she had a few minutes ago.

After the exercise, I explained how important it was for intuitives to use their gifts wisely. At this point in your development, I told the class, you’re probably giving readings to your friends and family. Don’t you want to help these people who trust you and mean a lot to you? For sure, bad things sometimes happen to good people, and bad news shouldn’t be ignored or sugar-coated, but choose your words carefully so there’s always hope.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, please write me at mail @ carolynmolnar.com . And please visit me again!

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