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Here’s something special to commemorate my 100th blog. I want to share with you one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read. Every time I read it, I brush away a tear. First published in Fortean Times, a British magazine and my husband’s favourite publication, it appeared in the February 2011 issue. The piece is entitled “Better Late Than Never.”

* * * * *

A moving story came to the magazine many years ago, and then got buried in the archives. In 1997, Helen Allenby bought a hand-made satin wedding dress from the 1940s at an antique shop in Beverly, East Yorkshire. She wore it when she and her husband, Chris, were married the following year.

When she tried on the dress with help from her mother, they felt something stitched into the hem. It was a letter from a mother to her daughter on the eve of her wedding.

Dated June 16, 1845, the letter, addressed to “Sheila,” said, “I do want you to know that every stitch I have put into this dress is a token of my deep and everlasting love for you. I thank you for your sweet, unselfish companionship with all my heart. You have been my great joy and comfort, darling, and I shall miss you. But you will be passing into a new life with dear John, where I know you will find untold happiness in his life and care. God bless you both, and keep your tender love for each other fresh and radiant through the coming years. (Signed,) Your adoring mother.”

The new Mrs. Allenby said, “By the time me and my mum read it, we were both in tears because it was so touching. It was terribly sad because the daughter must never have realized the letter was there, and never read it, which she was supposed to find on her honeymoon.”

After reading about the letter’s discovery in a newspaper, Sheila Jennings, 83, who was still living with her husband, John, in Beverley, came forward. She read her mother’s letter for the first time – 54 years later – and wept.

* * * * *

This short, sweet story always reminds me that life is filled with little miracles, if we choose to believe in them. I thank the Universe every day for life’s blessings, and I thank you all, my dear readers, for joining me on this path. And let’s hope we can still be together when I sit down to type blog number 200!

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