A Glimpse of Heaven

An Instagram follower recently sent me this amazing and eye-opening email. With her permission, I’m sharing it with you:

“Hey there, and I hope all is well.

“I recently had a dream about my loved ones, who have passed into spirit. I asked God to reveal to me a little of the truth about them before I went to sleep. When I went to sleep, I had a dream of a lady saying, This is what you asked for, so God has granted your wish.

“As she said this, I turned to my left and saw my aunts in the front and all of my other loved ones behind them. My aunt told me tell my mom, who is still alive, to stop worrying and being depressed as her loved ones are always around her and when we die, they will come get us. My great-grandmother then reminded me that she had told me she was going to a barbecue. That was a reference to the dream I had about her right before she died.

“My aunt told me that everything isn’t what it seems, and I’m like, Are you talking about religion? and she answered, Yes.

“The whole time, I saw to my left a tall being. It was an angel. They told me to look up at its face and I was scared at first, but when I decided to look, the face was so full of light and energy that I could barely see it. The angel told me that I’m not on its level and that’s why I was having the problem of making its face out.

“The dream ended with them telling me to live life to the fullest and when it’s my time, they will come for me. The odd thing to me was when I looked behind the loved ones I knew, there were so many others that I have never seen before in this lifetime. I think I saw a few Indians, too, in the back, and the lady who first approached me appeared to be white.

“I know this is a long message, but what can you tell me about this dream? Was the lady one of my guides? Were the other souls a part of my soul group and my past lives?”

My response to this email was thanks and gratitude for her sharing it with me. And then I answered her questions by writing: “Plain and simple, you had a glimpse of what it’s like in heaven. The angel is a guardian making sure all is going well in your life. And what a fantastic experience you had! May I publish this dream so others may experience it?

Her response was thoughtful and simple: “Yes you may…it was so amazing to me.”

Her letter was amazing to me as well, because it validates so much of what I believe to be true. We are never alone, for our loved ones are always with us in spirit, and they are there for us when it’s our time to transition to the next world. I tell my clients this all the time. And it’s so special when they tell it back to me.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me at mail @ carolynmolnar.com. And please visit me again!

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