Whether you’re a beginning intuitive exploring your gifts, a developing medium who’s just begun giving readings, or an experienced medium who serves at Spiritualist churches and has a client list, it’s always good to refresh and sharpen your skills with a 30-minute personalized coaching session.

The fastest and easiest way to instantly book a session is to use the calendar below and pay with PayPal or use PayPal as a guest and pay by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX or any debit card that allows online purchases.  Click on the calendar icon to view my availability for the month or click on Next Avail to find the my next available appointment. 

Unfortunately due to a small number of people who book an appointment and then fail to show up, pre-payment is required in order to reserve your session. While I recognize that emergencies do occur; it’s up to my discretion to determine the basis of merit on each individual situation. Thank you for your understanding.


Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice (Monday through Thursday) with events and scheduled readings.  Otherwise, fees are non-refundable.   Thank you for your understanding.


From the 2015 Lily Dale Calendar:

Recommendations for Readings:
True success is a three-way connection between the medium, client and spirit. Arrive at the session with a positive and open attitude. It elevates your connection. Please arrive promptly as most mediums prepare themselve by quiet time and meditation prior to an appointment. Respect the process and the abilities to bring loved ones and their messages.

Let the medium know if you understand as well as if you need more clarity. Confirmation and validation are helpful to the outcome of a successful reading. Please ask clear and focused questions.

If you are unsure about anything, ask the medium to explain. A medium realizes with the connection is over. Please do not prolong the session when the contacts are closed. Occasionally a medium and client may decide that another medium may be more suitable. Be truthful and courteous.

A successful reading will uplife and inspire you and the medium. It often includes the philosophy of Natural Law, contact with loved ones, guides and teachers, as well as prophecy.

Mediums and their guides are not fortune-tellers. You are guided with free will that allows you to make choices in life.

This is a sacred and honoured opportunity for you to have evidence of eternal life and inspiration through verbal healing. Be grateful for the guidance it provides.

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Carolyn Molnar
Toronto Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

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