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How does one "know" one is an "intuitive"?  Is "intuition" something one is "born" with, or "learned"?

Everyone is born with intuition.  I call it the "sixth sense".  This is evident with babies and young children because the societal norms have not shut this sense down in them.  As we get older and work through who we are and what we accept, we can then decide if we want to work with this innate awareness.

Awareness that intuition is a part of who we are opens us up to watch and to recall intuitive patterns or characteristics.  Intuition is associated with that “hunch”, that “gut feeling”, or that sense of “centred knowing” (I don't know why I know, I just know it).  Learning how to have more “control” of it makes one “more intuitive”.  It is like anything else - practice, practice, practice.  And, this requires listening to those hunches or gut feelings, attaching a feeling to them and becoming more adept at recognizing that feeling when it shows itself again and again.

How can you tell the difference between intuition and ego?

Intuition has no emotion attached to it.  Intuition comes through in the way of hunches, gut feelings, inner knowing, a physical sensation, a snapshot-like flash or a dream.  It has no trail of thought - it comes "out of the blue”.  It is information given to you that reveals truth.
Are there times when the intuition is stronger (someone is more attuned)? And how does someone become more attuned?

The short answer is yes!  Some individuals never close down their intuition.  And, this makes them appear “stronger” in their knowing.

To increase and attune with intuitive abilities is to recognize your pattern of intuition.  Working with it, it becomes faster and clearer.  I believe it is the "sixth sense".  There are those who teach how to work with intuition.  This is one of the ways to become more attuned.  The other is to work on your own or with a friend to recognize the feeling attached to the knowing.  Notice how you get your intuitive messages - is it a hunch, a gut feeling, a physical sensation, a snapshot like flash, a dream?  Watch for the patterns!!!


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