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Recently a friend had quite a few questions about spirit and the afterlife.  We decided together we would compose a series of short videos to address those questions.  My answers are based on my 30+ years of experience in the field.  I hope you find them informative and helpful.  So, as I say in the intro, "I hope you sit back, relax, and enjoy.  Thanks for watching."

2017 Interview With Carolyn

Why We Don't Remember Spirit

Where We Come From

Where is Heaven?

What is an Empath?

What Do Spirits Do in the Afterlife?

Ways to Prepare for a Reading

Types of Channelling

Transition Into Spirit

Effects of Suicide on Those Who Pass

The Affect of Poor Decisions

Spirit Differences

Signs from the Spirit World

Information From Spirit Guides

Spirit People and Their Funerals

Somethings I Just Don't Know


Photos and Questions Before A Session

Personality of the Spirit

Negative Earthbound Spirit

Misconceptions of Mediumshp

Legitimate Vs Fake

Is Life Predestined?

How Often Should You See A Psychic?

How Do Spirit Guides Work With Us?

Favourite Mediumship Story

Estrangements In The Afterlife

Favourite Psychic Experience


Children's Spirituality

Conditions With Sudden Passings

Here are some highlights from my one-woman play What?! You're A Medium?! performed at the 2016 Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival. Each of these clips explain an aspect of mediumship.  Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed presenting them!

All Five Senses



Environmental Messages

Knowing Spirits' Way of Contacting You

Psychic Scams


Medium7 event, November 2014:
- Medium7 Introduction

- Messages With Nurses

- Horses Have Souls Too!

- Family Members In Spirit

The Messenger is a short documentary that profiles my work through interviews, readings and coverage of the Medium7 event in Toronto. Directed by local filmmaker Shailen Asnani.

Trailer for Compassionate Messenger: True Stories From A Psychic Medium (Dundurn Press).

Carolyn Molnar uses mediumship abilities to communicate messages from the spirit world to audience members.

toronto psychic carolyn molnar 2016 tn
Carolyn Molnar
Toronto Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

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